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From more than a decade we are log in into Widows with secret passwords but now we got an application which is changing the way we were entering to Windows. Luxand Blink will allow you to login to Windows without typing password instead it use face detection technology, it means to log in to Windows you just need to see in your computer cam and if you are an authorized user it simply take you to desktop.

Login to windows just by seeing it

Luxand blink start with your PC and on Windows login screen it scan your face using face recognition technology to verify that you are authorized user or not. This software scan your face three dimensionally and work properly with different lighting, hair cut and glasses, it still recognize faces much accurately.

Luxand blink is completely free application and available for both Windows Vista and Windows 7

To use Luxand Blink go for following steps

1.     Download and Install Luxand Blink

2.     Follow instruction to add yourself as authorized windows user. Make sure that there is proper light on you face otherwise it takes longer to scan you face.

3.     While this software scan your face move your face left to right

4.     Once scanned, now it will ask you to enter windows password to verify that you are valid windows user.

5.     Now to login to Windows using face recognition, Log off to windows. On windows starting screen it will start to scan your face and if found you a authorized user then immediately it log in to windows.

Is it secure ?

Don’t worry, its very secure I have done some tricks to cheat this application but every time it appears to be smarter. I taken my picture and kept in front of cam but it didn’t allowed me to login, it scan your face in different dimensions and using your picture no one can login to your PC.

In case if this application get corrupted then also you can login to Windows using your Windows password.

Luxand Blink run in systray and with a right click on its icon you can access its setting. You can disable this application using this setting panel. In case if you want to change face template here we have a facility to rescan face too.

One suggestion, this software work like a ease just make sure there is proper light on you face when it is scanning or recognizing your face otherwise it take lot extra time.

Click here to download Luxand Blink

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