How to change FaceBook theme from blue to pink

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From ages we all are using FaceBook with it oldie blue theme, now its time to change it little and make it pink.

FaceBook pink theme

This trick will only work on Firefox and Chrome no support for IE as of now.


Chrome user just need to click on Install button on this link and script will be ready to run. Refresh your FaceBook page to see the changes.


Click on install button to install pink script

Click on install button to install pink script

On Firefox your can’t do it directly, first of all you have to download an add-on called Greasemonkey, download it and restart firefox then click on Install button and open FaceBook to see the changes.

How it works

Greasemonkey is a Firefox add-on which replace any website script and css theme on client side. When you open FaceBook it comes with classic blue theme only but on local browser it got changed by the pink color script you installed.

How to disable it

Chrome users can disable this script by Tools -> Extensions and click the uninstall button. Firefox users can click on Greasemonkey icon on bottom right of Firefox status bar and disable it.

Other themes

Change FaceBook Theme from blue to pink, checkout our screencast.

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