10 forum and community sites to fix your computer problem

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A troubled computer need quick fixing and to fix your computer either you visit your vendor or fix it yourself. Survey shows that most are computer troubles are very small and they can be fixed following some easy steps. Here we are posting list of 10 forum and computer site which can help you to fix your problem. You can go through their thread and fix if someone already have this issue or your can directly post your questions on these forums. All forum included here are free but require registration to ask or answer questions.

1. TechGuy Forum

computer troubleshoot forum and community

Techguy forum is one of most known free forum to provide support to fix your computer problem. This forum help on almost each kind of computer problem which we face during day to day activity like hardware problem, software problem, networking , security issues etc. One best this i like about this forum is that they always have good support even if your computer get infected by some latest virus, trojan or malware. It is an open forum and you can browse through threads without any registration but to ask or answer a question you need to have a registered account there.

2. Cnet Computer Forum

fix your computer with cnet forum

Famous IT portal cnet also have a great computer forums where you can get answers of your computer related issues. This forum attract large number of daily visitors and this is one main reason why you may get some very quick answer against your question. Although this forum is not very well organized but quite clean and moderate looking.

3. Computing Forum

fix your computer with computing forum

Another great forum providing great support for its visitors. To access forum area use the top menu bar where categories are well separated. On home page you have ask question area where  you can directly post your questions. It also has some good how to articles and a huge driver database. Just post your question and fix your computer problem.

4. PC Guide

fix your computer with pc guide

PC guide is covering wide range of computer issues that include hardware, software and networking. With more than 700,000 threads and about 45,000 members your problem can’t survive any longer. I have posted my problems several times on this forum and every time bombarded with number of replies, those replies were accurate and every time i fixed my computer trouble easily.

5. TechTalkz

fix your computer with TechTalkz forum

Its not the largest computer forum on internet but trust me you’ll get resolved your problem here faster than some of largest forums on internet. Like other forum, TechTalkz also have a good range of covering issues and one thing that make it completely special is that it got some very good specialists on the forum, replying to your questions fast and very accurate.

6. Tech Support Forum

computer troubleshoot forum and community to fix your computer

Tech support forum has about 700,000 member and covering more than 490,657 threads, covering each and every possible issue related with hardware, software, networking etc. Respond time on this forum is very fast and with posting a thread you’ll start to see people replying your question. For me Tech Support Forum rank among top 3 of all computer troubleshooting forum and communities.

7. Geeks to GO Forum

fix your computer with geek to go forum

Geeks to Go is a very neat and clean forum, here category are well spread and covering huge list of computer troubles. One thing you’ll love about this forum is that they got a IRC powered chat room to instantly bring you to closer to resolve your computer problems.

8. ComputerActive Forum

computer troubleshoot forum and community to fix your computer

This is a UK based forum but opened for everyone, it also got huge list of threads and members. Some member of this forum are very knowledgeable and keen to resolve visitor’s problem.

9. Bleeping Computer Forum

computer troubleshoot forum and community to fix your computer

What i like about Bleeping Computer Forum is its virus area. Here you may get help on large number of virus, trojan and malware issues. Other categories of this forums is also full of threads and solutions.

10. PC Help Forum

computer troubleshoot forum and community to fix your computer

Another medium sized forum with full of computer troubleshoot threads. Very clean site with categories covering every aspect of computer security, you’ll love to browse through section of this forum.

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